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Kimberley's gameplay for Aion (PC)

Kimberley played Aion

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Kimberley said...
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Aion (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 21/SEP/09
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How did you like it? Which side did you choose? Server?
[UK] Anuhart i think it was. and i picked the Elyos, i didn't play a lot yet..don't got motivation in playing mmorpg's anymore, i tried loads of them, i get bored after a short time play, i'm in love with GW2, all the mmorpg's i tried are nothing compared to it. it made my lack of motivation in trying other rpg's even greater
Ha Ha! I agree! I keep trying different ones but they never stick.
yeah exactly! yesterday GW2 did a stress test, played a few hours. its the only mmorpg that satisfies me atm
I have a pre-order and am planning on upgrading to a pre-purchase next week. I wanted the collector's edition, but they're all sold out in Canada :(
can't get the CE by ordering it on GW2's website??
They don't sell the CE on their website at all, they just link to the stores that do. The only place in Canada that sells the CE is EB Games, and they are sold out.
ok that sucks!
You're telling me >_< Now, best I can hope for would be to find someone in the US who I could send the $ to who could then buy the CE for me, then ship it to me at launch...
well im not in the US :( if i was i would help.
Get Eve Online, its the most in-depth mmo I have ever played. Tried a few others after playing it and just couldn't get into the largely scripted encounters and tough anti-griefing rules in the rest. Eve I get to see player made events such as Burn Jita unfold and grief the hell out of people, collect their tears in a bucket and splash them all over YouTube :D Also it has a player driven economy, if there were no players nothing would be made ever.
@BARB0UR Pass, a thousand times pass. I've played EVE, tried getting into it a few times. It's nowhere near the same. Not in gameplay, not in feel, not in community. At all. You go have fun with your "my dick is bigger than yours" cock-slap-fest, I'd rather play a real game with a community that's not simply out to stab you in the back when you least expect it. EVE is not worthy my $15 a month. From your post, you seem to have not bothered even playing GW2 yet, since you seem to think the boss fights are no different than WoW, which anyone who's even been watching it, knows is far from the case, so please don't spam here with your recruitment ads.
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